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Pan African Dance Heritage partners with arts department of universities, festival organizers, youth organizations, institutions and arts organizations to offer hands-on cultural learning experiences, both in Africa, Asia and Europe.  Since our founding in 20016, we have taught students nationwide and trained professionals from around the GLOBE. All instruments are provided and we can provide workshops for several classes in a day.

This workshop will introduce participants to the joy and fun of group music-making.  Each participant is guaranteed a musical instrument from our stock of various traditional African drums and percussion.  Guided by our experienced workshop leader, participants will learn different drumming techniques, basic rhythms and cross-rhythms.


People interested in broadening their cultural horizons through hands-on practice love drumming. Traditional percussion music from Africa engages people of all backgrounds and ages.


Great for serious students or professional musicians looking to improve their time, including greater comfort with polyrhythms, syncopation, and off-beat timing.